Creation Facts for our Faith

1) Topsoil – the world’s topsoil measures about 8 inches. It takes from 300 to 1,000 years to build one inch (2.5cm). So the earth is only thousands of years old looking at this scientific fact. Even taking into account wind erosion, soil movement we are being asked to stand on shifting sand! The world was just 1.2 million years old in the early 1900’s and yet today it is 3.6 billion years old and evolutionists dare to criticise us!?! Current estimates of the age of our Solar System are 4.5 billion years, but then we are told and taught the oldest rocks on the Earth are only 3.6 billion years old. That is quite a gap! In the beginning there was a big bang and everything evolved or in the beginning God created. It is a simple choice of who your authority is, man or God.

2) Rock Layers – these show rapid formation, with straight lines between. There are no signs of millions of years of erosion and deposition between the layers. Eg. The Grand Canyon. The sediment just cannot be found if the Grand Canyon was eroded over millions of years!

3) Niagara Falls – the rate of erosion has been measured since 1678. So according to this data working back the Falls are from 5,000 to 10,000 years old again not millions. Time is not their bedrock it is their enemy with all the vast ages and parameters we are presented with!

4) Stalagmites and Stalactites – these we are told have formed in caves over vast periods of time! However, they form rapidly in bridges and tunnels. A bat has been found encased in one. What we have observed does not correlate with their estimates of time and chance! The rate of dripping water can be fast or slow to build stalagmites or stalactites.

5) Atmospheric Oxygen – If the Earth had no vegetation and oxygen came from vegetation etcetera suddenly created, then the present amount of oxygen would be made from plants etcetera in around 5,000 years. It was God who gave us the atmosphere in the beginning and has maintained it ever since. God creates and sustains His wonderful creation. Man has ruined it via sin through greed, corruption, wars, et al.

6) Hydrogen in the Universe – Hydrogen in the universe is constantly being converted to helium. If the universe was vastly old, there would be little hydrogen, but the universe is full of hydrogen. This again calls for a creation and not millions or billions of years of evolutionary processes!

7) DNA and living cells – We have to ask the question, which came first, DNA or the proteins needed by DNA? As these can only be produced by DNA! How did the first living cell begin? How did this first cell go on to reproduce unless there was a Creator in charge of His design! How did bacteria evolve into the complexity of the human body?

8) The Big Bang Theory – It is just that a theory as when did an explosion ever create order? Where did matter come from in the first place? If the solar system evolved why do three planets spin backwards and six moons revolve backwards! Where did all the laws of time space and the energy that govern the universe come from? Is it through time and chance or intelligence and design from and by God the Creator as the Bible teaches.

There is no exactness available in man’s attempts to date:-

Dating Systems

Carbon 14Potassium-Argon and Helium Radiometric are the three main systems used to date objects.

Example 1 – One rock from an island was dated at 1 to 2.4 billion years old by Potassium-Argon testing. The Helium Radiometric system gave a reading of 140 to 670 million years old, but the witnesses watched the island named Kaupelehu form during a volcanic eruption in 1801.

Example 2 – Dinosaur bones were tested by the Carbon 14 dating method. The bones contained 3% carbon and were dated as being 16,120 years old. However they were dug out of the so called Upper Jurassic formation in Colorado which is made up of sandstone and limestone and this is commonly dated at around 140 million years old ….

We just cannot rely on man who is fallible and so we put our trust in the God who is infallible in all He does and teaches us from Holy Scripture.

There are many more discrepancies and so exact dating is difficult especially when trying to date the Earth at being millions in the early 1900’s then billions of years old today.

With Bible chronology we have no problem with a date of less than 10,000 years old. The rest is in the minds of men!
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Date : 30/11/-0001    

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