Chanukah and Christmas

(A comparing and A Contrasting)

1) Both begin with the letter C.
2) Both are on the 25th (Kislev and December)
3) Both are Festivals of lights.
4) Both are times of dedication.
5) Both are times of holidays.
6) Both are times of family meals.
7) Both are times to give children presents.
8) One is a biblical date the other was added in as the birth of Christ. (Many see this date as the time period of Yeshua’s conception and then being born at Tabernacles). As our Lord died on a festival date at Pesach/Passover He will have returned to fulfil Tabernacles to reign and rule having already dealt with the enemies of Israel at Megiddo (Armageddon).

Without Chanukah there would have been no pure Jewish line for the Messiah to be born into as changes to the Law and assimilation would have ruined Israel under Antiochus (an anti-Christ) .

Note that I have not stated that without Chanukah there would have been no Christmas. Why? Because Christmas was not started by the Apostles and nowhere in the New Testament are we told to celebrate His birth but rather His death and resurrection. Sadly so many in the Church are more grafted into the Christmas Tree than the Olive Tree. There are other added in traditions like Easter, as we have boasted against the natural branches and ignored the traditions Paul told us to keep, Yeshua/Jesus died at Pesach/Passover not Easter another gentile name added in with pagan roots and not Hebraic first century apostolic inspired, inerrant and infallible teaching by the Holy Spirit.

Yeshua remembered this Jewish Feast by being in the Temple at the time, reflecting on what had happened in the past and why. He came as the Light of the World and dedicated His life for us fallen in ours sins and separated from God. Yeshua kept Chanukah and we can under the liberty of the Spirit with Jewish believers as we stand with them in the Faith once and for all delivered. Amen.

Date : 02/02/2020    

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