Besorat HaMashiach


The Hebrew word Besorat and Gospel both mean ‘good news’. Over the centuries with Bibles (the Tanakh) being written in English a number of words in translation have taken on a different meaning that is not always clear and so to the Jewish mind terminology has to be explained at times.

Yeshua the Messiah brought the ‘good news’ of redemption in and through Himself and He clearly taught that He was the Anointed One of G-d as the Prophets foretold. If we miss this point then we can easily become side-tracked with historical events and the teachings of men who would deny Yeshua as Moshiach.

The Work of the Moshiach

Once again the point most miss is to first and foremost listen to G-d through the Prophets so as to be able to recognise His Anointed One. There are always human opinions but it is G-d who wants to redeem mankind to Himself because we have a habit of being sinful or missing the mark according to His Laws.

The Messiah then had to:

1. Atone for our sins before the Temple was destroyed.
2. Rise from the grave to show death was conquered.
3. Bring the ’good news’ of sins forgiven in Him.
4. Be first of all born in Bethlehem.
5. Perform healings and miracles during his life.
6. See that the Gentiles were offered salvation.

Only one person has done all the above – Yeshua/Jesus.


The two main ones are that Yeshua did not bring peace or build the Temple to rule from. All the others can be proven from the promises in the Tanakh to the fulfilment within the Brit Hadashah (New Covenant and Testament of the Gospel Of Good News – the forgiveness of sins).

Again we turn to the Scriptures and we can read that Yeshua only promised an internal peace as desolations and wars etc would continue until the end. Daniel 9:26 and chapter 12. It is then on His return that Yeshua will set up the Temple and bring about world peace after the last war – Armageddon.

The Warnings of the Messiah:

Before returning to Heaven after His resurrection Yeshua gave His Jewish Talmidim (disciples) a number of signs to watch for that would precede His glorious return:

1. The Temple would be destroyed – fulfilled in 70ad.2. His people would be persecuted and scattered – fulfilled in 135ad.
3. The Gentiles would begin to seek Him in great numbers – fulfilled and on going.4. But false prophets and teachers would confuse many – seen within and without the true Household of Faith.5. False religions and cults would flourish – space does not permit a full list.
6. There would be wars and rumours of wars – on going as there will be no peace until He returns.
7. Many would weaken in their faith as evil increased – attendance in churches has fallen in many countries.
8. Israel would be attacked by nations around them – fulfilled with one final battle to come.
9. A false prophet and false messiah would arise because of –
10. Food shortages, disease, wars, natural disasters etc.
11. A one world government or system that would rule all.
12. Israel would eventually cry out for Him – Baruch haba b’shem Adonai. Bo Yeshua, Bo! To redeem and to rescue.

Date : 30/11/-0001    

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