Which Psalm Shall I Read When

Which Psalms do I read when I …

Need help Psalm 3
Need God to be near Psalm 23
Need forgiveness Psalm 32
Need guidance Psalm 25
Need guidance having done wrong Psalm 51
Need protection Psalm 62
Am thankful Psalm 100
Am wanting to give thanks for answered prayer Psalm 116
Am afraid Psalm 27
Am depressed Psalm 42
Am uncertain Psalm 46
Am facing death Psalm 88
Am in trouble Psalm 103
Am ill Psalm 132
Feel inadequate and insignificant Psalm 8
Feel unloved Psalm 23
Feel I want to get away from it all Psalm 55
Feel insecure Psalm 61
Feel a lack of faith Psalm 89
Feel oppressed Psalm 106
Feel a lack of confidence Palm 118

Date : 30/11/-0001    

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