Psalm 9

God’s Righteous Judgement.



This Psalm of David is one of prayer and thanksgiving but it is also prophetic as it shows us the end times and our Messiah’s Millennium Kingdom.

Body of Teaching:

This Psalm can be divided into six parts as follows:-


1. The Delight of David – verses 1 and 2.

He praises fully from the heart and freely from the mouth with word and song.


2. The Destruction of the Wicked – verses 3 to 6.

It will in God be:-

a) Personal – verse 5a. (By the Word of the Lord)

b) Permanent – verse 5b and 6a. (Blotted out from the Lamb’s Book of Life)

c) Proper – verse 6b. (No memory of them will remain) 


3. The Dawn of the Millennium foretold – verses 7 and 8.

Verse 7 shows His REIGN (from His Throne) and

Verse 8 shows His RULE. (The Lord shall judge the world and give His righteous administration to the peoples).


4. The Duration of the Tribulation Period – verses 9 to 14.

Verse 9 to 10 shows us a Place of Refuge – a secure height (see margin note).

Verse 11 then shows us a Period of Rejoicing – for a 1,000 years.

Verses 12 to 14 shows the Process of Retribution for His people Israel.


5. The Day of the Lord – verses 15 to 18.

Verse 15 to 18 are prophetic for it shows us the end of the wicked and God‘s

mercy towards those who are poor and needy.


6. The Doctrine of this Psalm – verses 19 and 20.

Verse 19 – shows that the Nations are hindered by God.

Verse 20 – and finally the Nations are humbled by God.

Date : 30/11/-0001    

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