Psalm 37



David the psalmist is now writing in his old age, he wants to give the reader the experience and wisdom that comes with age. David teaches us how to react when we become a victim of wickedness or malicious and venomous tongues. There is then, much to learn within this psalm, the verses will guide and give comfort and they answer questions that all of us have. We also have the assurance that God’s plan and purposes will come about in His perfect timing. Till then we Trust in the Lord – verse 3, we Delight in the Lord – verse 4 and we Commit our way to the Lord – verse 5.


Our two key memory verses within the 40 verses of Psalm 37 are 7 and 34.

Verse 7 teaches us to Rest in the Lord. Those who cannot rest in God’s shalom are in flesh mode instead of Faith mode! The peace of God surpasses all understanding – Philippians 4:7. When God does not answer prayer it can be because He wants to strengthen our patience – see James 1:2-8Patience is truly a virtue of the redeemed. Our Lord Jesus taught that as believers of the Word of God we ‘bear fruit with patience.’ Luke 8:15. Paul writes that we are to pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience and gentleness. 1 Timothy 6:11. Tribulation brings about patience/perseverance/endurance – see Romans 5:3.

Verse 34 teaches us to Wait on the Lord. We are all waiting on the promises contained in verses 11, 18, 22a, 29 and 34 of Psalm 37. Through patience and waiting on the Lord we will receive our eternal inheritance and treasures in the age to come. In contrast the wicked only have temporary pleasures and treasures on this earth. Everything comes to he who waits but worldlings have no real patience, they want it all now and many are in debt because of this. Others lie, cheat and steal to gain but God is watching. Calamity and Judgement will come.

Body of Teaching:

Once again we see a comparing and a contrast between good and evil men. Righteousness verses wickedness is seen from verse 1 through to 40. Let us then compare the spiritual life application principles against the fleshly path and pursuits of those who reject the path of life.

Verse 1 to 2 lays out the past, the present and the future of this life for saint and sinner.

Verses 3, 4 and 5 give us the conditions and then verse 6 the promise of God. Scripture time and again lays out condition and promise. ‘Seek ye first the kingdom of God (condition) and all things shall be added unto thee’ (promise).

Verses 7 and 8 teach us patience and endurance. We are not to be angry or fret as it only harms us, mentally, physically and above all spiritually.

Verse 9 is the judgement of God on sinners and His reward to us as His people.

Verses 10 and 11 confirm this so that we put our trust in God.

Verses 12 to 15 are an overview of the wicked and their plans and power for a season.

Verse 16 to 17 is the outcome before the Lord.

Verses 18 to 19 show us the prosperity and protection we enjoy in the Lord.

Verse 20 shows the end once again of the wicked.

Verses 21 to 22 are another comparison between the godly and the ungodly.

Verses 23 to 31 show us 4 attributes of the saint in his righteousness before God:-

  1. His Walk – verses 23-25.
  2. His Works – verses 26-27.
  3. His Welfare – verses 28-29.
  4. His Wisdom – verses 30-31.

Verses 32 to 40 show us the Conclusion of the whole matter:-

  1. The Truth is on our side – verses 32-34.
  2. Time is on our side – verses 35-38.
  3. In Trusting we have a perfect stability in God – verses 39-40.

Date : 30/11/-0001    

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