Psalm 36



David reflects on the difference between the sinner and the Saviour. The Lord sees everything and the wickedness of men has and is being recorded within books that shall be opened at the Great White Throne Judgement (Rev 20:11-15).
What we have in this psalm then is a contrast between those who are evil and the Lord God Almighty whom David stands in awe of, as it is marvellous in his eyes. God truly reigns and rules from on high, He sustains and His righteousness flows towards those who know Him.


  1. The Sinner – verses 1 to 4.
    1. His Perversity – verse 1 – wickedness, transgressions and no fear of God.
    2. His Pride – verses 2 to 3 – vainness, iniquity, deceitful, unchanging.
    3. His Path – verse 4 – evil plans and thoughts, unregenerate and unloving.
  2. The Lord – verses 5 to 9.
    1. His mercy and faithfulness – verse 5 – they cannot be measured.
    2. His righteous judgements – verse 6 – they cannot be moved.
    3. His loving kindness and protection – verse 7 – they cannot be matched .
    4. His chosen ones – verse 8 – are satisfied.
    5. His called ones – verse 9 – are saved.
  3. David’s Prayer – verse 10 – seeking God’s prosperity and peace on His people.
  4. David’s Plea – verse 11 – seeking God’s protection.
  5. David’s Prophecy – verse 12 – seeing the end of all things.


In just 12 verses we have the whole story of mankind. We can see in these verses those who receive the Lord and those who reject Him through their sinful ways.
How meaningful then is this short Psalm, giving us divine wisdom and insight through King David. Truly all Scripture is God breathed, inspired by the Spirit of God. (2 Timothy 3:16).

Date : 30/11/-0001    

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