Psalm 33



This is a magnificent Psalm which shows the majesty and might of our God and King. He reigns and rules over His creation whether the nations wish to accept this or not. The day will come though when every knee will bow unto Him. There is no indication of who the writer is, although some scholars see some characteristics of David by comparing some of his psalms, but personally I think it is similar to the Book of Hebrews where the writer wants to give God the glory and the Lord is therefore the only one mentioned in the opening verses.


First of all we can see four thoughts that the psalmist writes of as he rejoices before God –

  1. Verses 1 to 5 show God’s Word in true Worship with our voice and musical instruments.
  2. Verses 6 to 9 show God’s Word in Creation through His voice. He speaks and it comes into being.
  3. Verses 10 to 17 show God’s Word in History as He directs human time and events.
  4. Verses 18 to 22 show God’s Word in Salvation as we look to His mercy and put our trust and hope in Him.

Body of Teaching:

Secondly, we can now divide this Psalm into four sections of teaching –

1. The Lord’s Praise – verses 1 to 3.

    1. He see us as we rejoice – verse 1.
    2. He makes us righteous – verse 1.
    3. He directs our praise and worship – verses 1 and 2.
    4. He puts a new song and a shout of joy in our hearts – verse 3.

2. The Lord’s Power – verses 4 to 9.

    1. His Word is right and true and His work is the truth – verse 4.
    2. His world is full of goodness through righteousness and justice – verse 5.
    3. His manifest power is seen in the heavens and in creation – verses 6 and 7.
    4. His majesty is to be acknowledged – verse 8.
    5. His mighty Word stands – verse 9.

3. The Lord’s Providence – verses 10 to 17.

    1. In verses 10 to 11 to see those who rebel against God’s Word.
    2. In verse 12 we then see those who respond to God’s Word.
    3. In verses 13 to 17 we see how the Lord sees the nations:-
    4. In verses 13 to 14 we see the communities of the nations.
    5. In verses 15 we see how the Lord considers the works of the nations.
    6. In verses 16 to 17 we see the craftiness and cunning of kings and mighty men who all kick hopelessly against the goads, the will, the Word and the Way of God. God reigns and rules, He always has and He always will.

4. The Lord’s People – verses 18 to 22.

    1. He watches over us – verse 18.
    2. He loves us – verse 18.
    3. He saves us – verse 19.
    4. He provides for us – verse 19.
    5. He protects us – verse 20.
    6. He keeps us – verse 21.
    7. He gives us a sure hope – verse 22.


Again and again God has revealed Himself to mankind over the ages or History and through His creative acts in all Creation and how He sustains what He has spoken into being as verse 6 states. His Word the Holy Scriptures do testify of His power and glory as men have recorded what they were told or saw. They are there to show His way of Salvation, we cannot save ourselves or live forever without Him. It is then through and only through the Lord Jesus Christ that any person can be saved. Religious rites and rituals, useless relics will not do it, only a relationship with the Living God can save one’s soul. The heavens therefore declare His glory, from everlasting He is God and when men realise this they then Worship Him for who He is – The Lord God Almighty. Amen.

Date : 30/11/-0001    

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