Psalm 32



Psalm 32 and Psalm 51 are known as two of the great penitential psalms. They both show confession of sin, and the resulting mercy and forgiveness from God. Scholars see a direct link  between the two and David’s infamous affair with Bathsheba – see 2 Samuel chapter 11. David agonised over his wrongdoing and it weighed heavily upon him until he turned to God. We can do the same unless we learn this lesson of life instead of turning to the Lord and obeying 1 John 1:9.


It is my intention to show keys words in bold so as to highlight and to make the reader pause and think. The Hebrew word for this is Selah and is used throughout the Psalms to focus our attention on what we have just read. We then learn the lessons of life and grow in our faith.

This psalm then is about the question of sin and David speaks of his own for us and how it had affected his life to the detriment of his walk with God (verses 3 and 4). Believers know they cannot conceal their sins but some do and so it is disciples that seek cleansing on a regular if not a daily basis. Truly confession is good for the soul and yet we have those who think God so loves us, that He will just overlook our sinful ways! But God doesn’t just wink at sin or ignore it, He is a God of righteousness and judgement. God disciplines those He loves and so we have to do the same when problem people cause problems within the Body of Christ. There has to be a balance in every aspect of church life. Holiness of life is something that is not paid enough close attention to in these last days as more and more become complacent, then compromise and conform, becoming contaminated and finally corrupted in their lives. The salt can end up be trampled upon instead of cleansing and preserving as it ought!


Within the 11 verses of this psalm we see David’s contemplation about his sin and the consequences therein. Three times we see the word Selah, which means to pause and meditate, to think upon what has been written. There is much then for us to learn about keeping short accounts with God. Far too many saints are not that saintly with regard to their sinful ways seen within their character and conduct. The tongue being the biggest problem! God sees sin as being defiant, it shows an internal defect, what God originally created has become distorted and the outcome is deception.
The good news is God sent an Overcomer and a Deliverer, the Lord Jesus is the only answer to the sinful ways of man. He became the Son of Man to relate to us and a Man of Sorrows, Jesus is the Suffering Servant who came to redeem us. He that was pure and without sin died for our sins, to atone, to make right, so that we could be restored to God and then live forever with Him.

David understood the principle of repentance, it brought about revival, restoration and renewal. Let us now see the 5 benefits of this – 5 is the number of Grace biblically.
Body of Teaching:

  1. Verses 1 and 2 show us CLEANSING of our transgressions, sins and iniquities. There is joy and pleasure in having a clean conscience before God who knows and sees all things. Blessed is the man then who has no deceit within his spirit and soul.
  2. Verses 3 and 4 show us CONCEALMENT. David’s silence brought about a spiritual groaning, a loss of physical vitality that led to a life of drought. He was once happy and healthy, but now his heart was heavy. Sin is weighty and is weighed by God! Verse 4 has our first Selah.
  3. Verse 5 is our key verse. Here is CONFESSION and pardon is seen. God loves a repentant sinner and so we see the second Selah of this Psalm.
  4. Verses 6 and 7 show how sin is CONQUERED through prayer. Peace to the soul is restored and praise from the mouth follows, we can once again sing joyfully. Verse 7 has our third Selah. The Lord is our hiding place, our shelter and a strong tower and the righteous run into it and are saved. Amen.
  5. Verse 8 through to 11 show us our CHAMPION the Lord our Saviour.

Now we can see the spiritual benefits from on high:-

  1. First of all we are Guided – verse 8. We are instructed and taught by God.
  2. Secondly we are Governed – verse 9. Here is wisdom and understanding as the verse is teaching us not to be like a wild horse or a stubborn mule that has to be bridled before it will go where its rider wants it to.
  3. Thirdly we are Guarded – verse 10. Mercy surrounds us but sorrows befall the wicked. It is a universal law of God that people reap what they sow. Our sins will find us out as things are brought forth into the light.
  4. Fourthly we are Glad – verse 11. The upright in heart can shout with joy before the Lord God because they have put their trust in.

The number 4 is an earth related number and so the Lord is showing us He is with us in these four ways. We are His children and so He will instruct and guide us along the path of life. We are in covenant relationship and so our God knows the days ahead for each and every one of us, and in that we can take great comfort and hope for a bright and prosperous future. Selah and Amen.

Date : 30/11/-0001    

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