Psalm 21



This Psalm of King David is connected to Psalm 20 when we compare and contrast verse 2 of Psalm 21 with verse 4 of Psalm 20. In it we can read of thanksgiving, rejoicing, joy, mercy, deliverance, assurance, trust and dependence. It is a beautiful poem of salvation in all its elements towards those who believe.


Psalm 20 and Psalm 21 show us two very important spiritual life application principles:-

1) Psalm 20 is about intercession – praying into the warfare we all experience.

2) Psalm 21 is about thanksgiving for the victory we all experience through turning to the Lord and seeking His help and His Strength within His Salvation.

Body of Teaching:

1. David’s Strength and Security, Solace and Satisfaction– verses 1 to 7.

David’s Strength and Security is seen in his –

a) Reliance on his God and ours – verse 1.
b) Request (prayers) answered – verse 2.

David’s Solace and Satisfaction is seen is his –

a) Sovereignty – verse 3.
b) Salvation – verses 4 to 6.
c) Security – verse 7.

2. David’s Sufficiency and Succour – verses 8 to 13.

It is based on God’s Power –

a) The Lord’s Power to discover His enemies – verse 8.
b) The Lord’s Power to destroy His enemies – verses 9 to 12.

1) Passionately – verse 9.
2) Permanently – verse 10.
3) Purposefully – verses 11 to 12.

c) The Lord’s Kingdom is based on His Pre-eminence – verse 13.

David gives thanks and praises the God of Israel.

Date : 30/11/-0001    

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