Psalm 19



Psalm 19 is similar to Psalm 9 in that it shows the glory of God within His creation but this Psalm goes further in teaching us how to apply the spiritual life application principles of God’s Word to ourselves and how to keep them as verses 12 and 13 show us.


The depth, meaning and the teaching of a Psalm can be seen in the number of ways one can exegete and bring forth exposition showing the revelation of God through His perfect creative power, dominion and love towards us.

Body of Teaching:

A) First of all let us see A Twofold Revelation of God:-

We can apply midrashic principles and then compare and contrast these two sets of verses to see the twofold revelation. 

In verses 1 to 6 God in His Creation.

God’s Glory seen in nature.
Inarticulate expression.
God is known in His perfect arrangement.
Our sun is the centre.
What Creation says and sees.

In verses 7 to 14 God in His Law.

God’s Glory in His Word.
Articulate expression.
God revealed in His clear utterances.
His Son is the Centre.
What God’s Word is and does.

B) Secondly let us see how The Heavens declare the Glory of God:-

1. Through the Sky – verses 1 to 6 show His unmistakable and understandable witness.

2. Through the Scriptures 

His Word is Precious – verses 7 to 10.

It challenges us – verse 7.
It cheers us – verse 8.
It changes us – verses 9-10.

His Word is Powerful – verses 11 to 14.

It convicts us – verse 11.
It cleanses us – verse 12.
It corrects us – verses 13-14. (keeping us from folly and in fellowship).

C) Thirdly, we can see The Law of the Lord:-

1. It is His Law – converting the soul – verse 7 – It Enlivens.

2. It is His Testimony – making wise the simple – verse 7 – It Edifies.

3. It comprises His Statutes – rejoicing the heart – verse 8 – It Enraptures.

4. It is His Commandments – enlightening the eyes – verses8 – It Enlightens.

5. It is His Fear – enduring for ever – verse 9 – It Endures.

6. It contains His Judgements – they are true and righteous – verse 9 – It Establishes.

7. It is desirable – more than much fine gold – verse 10 – It Enriches.

8. It promises great reward – to those keeping them – verse 11 – It Encourages.

Here then are 8 conditions with divine promises from on High.

D) Fourthly, we can see The Gospel:-

1. God teaches us about Himself through the Stars –

a) They Preach into all Languages – verse 3.

b) They Reach into all Lands – tribes, peoples and nations – verse 4a.

2. God teaches us about Himself throughout the Scriptures –

a) David describes God for us in verses 7-9.
(Those that humble themselves receive instruction)

b) David shows his desire for the Word of God in verse 10.
(Those that draw near find Him)

We can therefore find God in the starry skies or the sacred scriptures, so none will be without excuse in that Day.

Date : 30/11/-0001    

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