Psalm 17



This prayer shows David’s confidence in finally seeing his salvation fully completed when he awakens in the likeness of His God and ours (see verse 15). In other words this will be when his spiritual body is given a physical resurrection body. Where we see the word ‘awake’ (cf Isaiah 26:19) some have then taught a doctrine of men called soul sleep. They have come to this conclusion through wrongly dividing the Word of God. We are clearly taught by the Apostle Paul, ‘absent from the body present with the Lord‘ – 2 Cor 5:8 and Phil 1:23. Moses and Elijah appeared in their spiritual bodies before the Lord Jesus, so they were very much awake and talking with Him! Mark 9:2-4. The martyred souls of those who cry out in Heaven for vengeance are clearly wide awake! Rev 6:9-11.


We can see 3 key words in 3 divisions within Psalm 17 as follows:-

1. David cries out – Lord hear me! (verses 1-6) He knows God has heard his words – v1, knows his heart – v3 and has seen his works and deeds -v4 and v5.
2. David cries out – Lord hide me! (verses 7-9) He is looking for God’s mercy and might against his enemies -v7 and v9. To be hidden under the shadow of God’s wings -v8.
3. David cries out – Lord help me! (verses 10-15) His enemies are all around him – verses 10-12. David looks for God to save him – v13 and v14 and to satisfy him – v15..

Body of Teaching:

When any saint cries out to God we will see a sevenfold outworking of our salvation:-

1. Verse 2 – His presence to search us.
2. Verse 4 – His lips to speak to us.
3. Verse 5 – His paths to separate us.
4. Verse 7 – His mighty right hand to save us.
5. Verse 8 – His wings to shelter us.
6. Verse 15 – His face to shine upon us.
7. Verse 15 – His likeness to satisfy us.

When we further meditate on Psalm 17 we can see 7 spiritual life application principles:

1) Verse 1 – Supplication – ‘Hear my prayer.
2) Verse 3 – Resolution – ‘I have purposed.’
3) Verse 4 – Inspiration – ‘The word from Your lips‘.
4) Verse 8 – Protection – ‘Keep me.
5) Verse 15 – Expectation – ‘I will see Your face’ – we will all behold our God. Job 19:26
6) Verse 15 – Satisfaction – ‘I shall be satisfied.’
7) Verse 15 – Resurrection – ‘When I awake’ – as He is, so we shall become. 1 John 3:2.

Date : 30/11/-0001    

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