Psalm 16



If there is one word that can best describe Psalm 16 it is satisfied. But there are also divine secrets that show us 6 (this being the number of man) blessed secrets that God has for each and everyone of us who love, follow and obey Him. Before we do this, let us see three other aspects of this Psalm that are there for disciples, to once again follow the spiritual life application principles within the Book of Life.


a) David’s Practice is seen in verses 1 to 4:

1. He lived in the presence of His God.
2. He lived with God’s people and
3. He lived his life by God’s precepts.

b) David’s Portion is seen in verses 5 to 6.

1. He had an inheritance.
2. He lived in a pleasant place.
3. He had a good heritage to speak of.

C) David’s Prospects are seen in verses 7 to 11.

In this life:– Verses 7 to 9.
1. Guided, then guarded and finally gladdened.
In the life to come:– Verses 10 to 11.
1. The truth of the Resurrection – v10.
2. The truth of the Rapture – 11.

Body of Teaching:

1. The secret of a sanctified life of trust – verse 1.

I trust in my Lord.

2. The secret of a surrendered life – verses 2 to 3.

I belong to my Lord.

3. The secret of a separated life – verse 4.

I walk with my Lord.

4. The secret of a satisfied life – verses 5 to 6.

I am content in my Lord.

5. The secret of a specially instructed life – verse 7.

I listen to my Lord.

6. The secret of a steadfast life – verses 8 to 11.

I am committed to my Lord for He has called and chosen me.

In saving the best for last we can of course see the prophetic within this glorious Psalm which speaks of our wonderful Saviour, the Lord Jesus – seen in verses10 and 11.
In verse 10 we see that God’s Holy One will not see corruption or Hell, He has the keys!
In verse 11 we see that Adonai Yeshua is sat at the right hand of Power. (cf Matt 26:64).

Date : 30/11/-0001    

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