Psalm 14


(The Foolishness of Men before God and His Final Triumph)


This is a Psalm of David which shows us the whole plan of God towards Israel and the Nations of this world. There is a picture here of a courtroom drama as well as a type of the final judgement of all who reject God and find themselves standing before Him at the Great White Throne Judgement Seat at the end of the Millennium Age.


1. THE SUMMONS (verses 1 to 3)

    a) The Case set by the Prosecutor – Man is guilty (verse 1).

        1. In his innermost being.
        2. Through his iniquitous behaviour.

    b) The calling of the Witness – (verse 2).

        1. His Person.
        2. His Perception.

    c) The Conclusion of the Judge – Man is guilty (verse 3) because of:-

        1. His total departure.
        2. His total defilement.
        3. His total depravity.

2. THE SUMMATION (verse 4) shows us:-

        1. Man’s iniquity – wickedness and unrighteousness.
        2. Man’s ignorance – lacking a knowledge of God.
        3. Man’s intolerance – differing opinions.
        4. Man’s indifference – an absence of interest for others.

3. THE SENTENCE (verses 5 to 6)

        1. The fear it registered – v5a.
        2. The folly it revealed – v5b.
        3. The facts it rehearsed – v6.

4. THE SUSPENSION (verse 7)

        1. Messiah must come and bring salvation.
        2. The Lord has brought back His people whom He scattered.
        3. The prophets speak of a time of renewal, rejoicing and restoration.

Date : 30/11/-0001    

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