Psalm 12



This is a short psalm of only eight verses where David turns to the Lord to express his despair and then his feelings about evil men but once again turns to rest and put his hope in his God and ours by expressing his faith and trust in the Lord God Most High.


We can see four points within the eight verses as follows:-

  1. David’s Appeal – verses 1 to 4.
  2. David’s Assurance – verses 5 to 6.
  3. David’s Armour – verses 7.
  4. David’s Astonishment – verse 8.

The key word in the psalm is HELP! Here is a sweet and short prayer in season as David cries out for deliverance and preservation as he sees the danger of his position.

Body of Teaching:

David’s Appeal – verses 1 to 4.

Verse 1a – is a cry for help because of godly men ceasing from the earth. Whenever we see the death, departure or demise of godly men the saints should immediately pray for the Lord to raise up others who will be steadfast and continue the Kingdom work.

Verse 1b – the second part of the verse shows us that faithful men are disappearing from amongst the sons of men. This surely shows the present position of the Church age where the Lord Jesus asks if He will really find faith when He returns! (Luke 18:8). It is a simple fact that when we see godliness disappearing so will faithfulness because it is the fear of God that produces righteousness in a nation.

Verse 2 – shows us man’s deceitfulness through flattering lips that speak false words to puff others up and foolish talk that leads to disaster through lies spoken. The double heart spoken of shows thinking that produces unstableness in life. It reminds us of James’s warning about a double minded person being unstable in all he does in this life. (James 1:8).

Verse 3 – now we see the ultimate downfall of men for the Lord resists the proud and David writes in this verse of their proud words.

Verse 4 – but now we see their defiance towards God in that they boast of their lips being there own and who can stop them! They are convinced within the sinful nature that they will prevail but only destruction awaits them at the end of the day!

David’s Assurance – verses 5 to 6.

Verse 5 – Gives us a sight of God’s Greatness which has a past, present and future fulfilment, especially within the Millennium Kingdom where the poor, the needy and the oppressed will have shalom and security at long last.

Verse 6 – Gives us God’s Guarantee which again is the same yesterday, today and forever.

His very Word is His bond of guarantee, for the flowers and the grass and indeed at the end of the 1,000 year rule of Messiah the very earth will fade away, consumed in His fiery judgement.

Within this verse we have a key to the signature of God throughout Holy Writ. It is the seal or sign of the number 7 which is seen in so many places from the Creation to the spiritual life applications principles and indeed within the very design of the words and verses giving their numerical value known as the Septenary design of the Scriptures.

David’s Armour – verses 7.

Verse 7 – This speaks again of us being under God’s protection and peace, of the very real need of His Spirit in us and over us. We are under the blood and in covenant relationship. Too many saints are fearful or actually giving the enemy too much thought. We are to rejoice, again I say rejoice just as Paul exhorts us. The battle belongs to the Lord and He knows the end from the beginning which includes all the foolish plans of men in trying to build their own kingdoms or new world order. They have set themselves on a collision course with the Lord God Almighty and every plan of theirs will come to naught!

This verse then is a promise that we can claim and therefore not fear about the plans of men. They can only control us for a season and they can even take our lives but they cannot destroy the soul or the spirit which are both from God. Eternal life and the very best to come in God is ours. Amen and amen.

David’s Astonishment – verse 8.

Verse 8 – Here we can see that David had a heart like unto the Lord in that he was astonished and angry at the vileness of men. Here we can see the prevalence of wickedness in our communities these days in all manner of ways. This reminds us of the fact that son will reach its apex and then the Lord will step in.

When those in power in a nation are vile, greedy and immoral, then the rest will follow and so a nation begins to fall spiritually, morally, socially and financially into ruin. Only God can stop the rot through revival which will come through His mercy and judgement.

Date : 30/11/-0001    

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