Psalm 10

God’s Triumph over Evil Men!



Psalm 10 follows on from Psalm 9 with the same theme, that being the evil seen within the wicked of this world. So we move from the evil one and his influence upon the nations in Psalm 9 to the evil seen within men in Psalm 10. But in both we see God’s ultimate triumph over evil and so these two psalms should be of great encouragement and answer the questions that saints have about why evil men seem to prosper! But let us remember it is only for a season, not eternity!



We can divide this psalm into three parts –

1. Why the wicked flourish.

2. What the wicked forget.

3. What the wicked will face.



Body of Teaching:

1) Why the Wicked Flourish.


a. Their season of apparent blessing – verse 1.

b. Their sinful arrogant behaviour – verse 2.

c. Their scornful ascending boasts – verse 3.

d. Their stubborn abounding bias – verse 4.

e. Their spiritual abiding blindness – verse 5.

f. Their swelling ambitious bigotry – verse 6.

g. Their spoken abominable blasphemies – verse 7.

h. Their secret afflicting brutalities – verses 8 to 10.

This is seen in their cruelty, confidence and cunning.

Wicked people are seen as being like a thief (v8), a lion (v9) and as a stalker (v10).



2) What the Wicked Forget.


God sees –

a. The wicked man’s scornfulness – verses 12 to 13.

b. The wicked man’s spitefulness – verse 14.

c. The wicked man’s sinfulness – verse 15.



3) What the Wicked will Face.


a. God will subdue the heathen nations and those who are wicked – verse 16.

b. God will support the humble and the weary oppressed – verses 17 to 18.

Date : 30/11/-0001    

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