The Meaning of the Seven Churches Names

1. EPHESUS – ‘desired’ They were desired by their Lord.

2. SMYRNA – ‘myrrh’ or ‘bitterness’ through death. This is a type of the suffering Church in any century.

3. PERGAMOS or PERGAMUM – means ‘high towers’ or ‘thoroughly married’. (The Church to the State!)

4. THYATIRA – means ‘perpetual sacrifice’ or ‘a continual offering’. (ie. Transubstantiation/Rome)

5. SARDIS – means ‘those escaping’ (The Reformers coming out with others from Roman Catholicism)

6. PHILADELPHIA – means ‘brotherly love’. (Church now grows worldwide through correct doctrine. This then is the Church to emulate.)

7. LAODECIA – this means ‘the people ruling’ or ‘the judgement of the people’. Here is the last Church Age or Period. It is the worst of the cameo or types of Churches seen. The Lord does not really reign in their midst – they do!

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Date : 30/11/-0001    

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